​Generate qualified leads.
Convert more leads to sales.
Take control of your marketing.

Generate qualified leads.
Convert more leads to sales.
Take control of your marketing.

intelligent marketing that www.works! ®

Ever had a call from some guy in Mumbai named Steve Smith (really?!) who tries desperately to sell you SEO for your website? And what about those emails from AdWords gurus, who claim they can get your phone ringing off the hook by this time tomorrow? Or that woman you met at a party who said that Facebook holds the answer to all of your lead generation problems? If you’ve had a website for long enough you’ve heard all of this - and probably a whole lot more...
A message from Tony Gavin 
CEO & Intelligent Marketing Sensei

Don’t be fooled by One Trick Ponies

There was a time not too long ago where you could do exceptionally well online by being extra good at just one thing. I know, because that’s exactly what I did for many years. I was positively brilliant at SEO and was making enough money to sit on a beach in the Philippines, drink beer all day and not concern myself too much with having to work in the real world. That all fell apart in February, 2012 when Google changed their algorithm and overnight, literally wiped out my entire business. I was a One Trick Pony – and I was screwed.

There are still plenty of One Trick Ponies who like living in the glory days of the not too distant past. SEO consultants, social media managers, copywriters, pay per click advertising specialists – One Trick Ponies who’ve never moved on to embrace the new normal of internet based marketing. They’re still out there – and they’re still calling businesses every day of the week selling false hope to people who don’t know any better. Maybe you’ve been a victim of one or more of these people? Don’t be too angry at them. They really don’t know any better than the people they are "helping".

Time for an online reality check

The myriad things that you can do online are just individual tactics that you might employ to generate leads and make sales for your business. One thing is for certain - no one tactic like SEO, or posting videos on YouTube holds all of the answers. Any person who tries to convince you that AdWords, or content marketing, or any other stand-alone tactic is all that you need for online success is either a liar or a fool. Possibly both.

Let’s be clear – the days when one stand-alone tactic was all that you required for online success are well and truly over – and they’re never coming back.

The online landscape of today is overwhelming. One person can no longer come close to knowing it all. Online marketing success now requires diverse skill sets. You need a professional marketing manager, graphic designers, copywriters, programmers, social media managers, SEO strategists, pay per click specialists and web developers - just to name a few. The cost of that is of course absolutely prohibitive for most businesses.

intelligent marketing that www.works! ®

If you’re tired of listening to pure BS from One Trick Ponies, it’s time to talk with me. I’ll explain why you should quit executing stand-alone tactics immediately and introduce you to predictable, cost-effective ways to generate all the qualified leads you could ever want. I’ll also show you how to nurture those leads into warm prospects and increase your chances of turning them into paying customers. These are not hollow promises. It’s what I do - intelligent marketing that www.works! ®

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