About e-marketing

NB: This information has been prepared for those who are interested to know more about the business, how it came into being, how it evolved and how it now operates. It’s a bit dry and fairly long-winded – we’ve been around for quite a while! There’s no hype. Just the facts.

e-marketing.com.au Pty Ltd

e-marketing.com.au Pty Ltd (e-marketing) is an Australian registered company. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong registered VisiSearch International Limited (VisiSearch). VisiSearch was established by Tony Gavin in 2010 as a vehicle to own and operate web directories and provide digital marketing services to retail clients located in Australia and elsewhere.

VisiSearch International Limited

VisiSearch presently services both retail and wholesale clients in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and throughout the Asia Pacific region. Fulfilment is provided from the company’s main office which is located in Eastwood City CyberZone, Quezon City, Philippines.

e-marketing is a brand which is owned and operated by VisiSearch. The e-marketing brand, together with other registered trademarks and intellectual property is presently used in Australia by VisiSearch to market its retail services directly to business owners.

The company markets its wholesale services under the VisiSearch brand, within Australia and elsewhere.

How e-marketing evolved

The roots of e-marketing go back to 2004 when Tony Gavin established Web Splash Pty Ltd in Brisbane Australia, as a web development and digital marketing agency. Working part time on the business, Tony grew Web Splash to more than 300 clients and eight full-time staff over a period spanning four years. He exited Web Slash via trade sale in 2008, retaining the intellectual property base of the business.

In 2008 Tony moved to China and began developing web based directories for Australian accountants, auditors, bookkeepers and lawyers. Those directories went on to completely dominate organic search results on Google Australia for the next several years, with more than 800 targeted keyword sets ranking in the top three positions on Google at any given time. The directories continued to dominate organic search results until 2012, when algorithm changes implemented by Google made the directories commercially unviable.

In 2010 Tony established VisiSearch to own and operate his directories. At the same time the company began providing SEO services to retail clients in Australia, and later began delivering a wider variety of services such as website development, graphic design, copywriting, pay per click management and social media marketing. VisiSearch grew by using outsourced labour in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, India, China and elsewhere. Tony relocated to the Philippines in late 2010 and still resides there most of the time.

e-marketing today

In late 2015 Tony became disturbed by the diminishing returns that clients were seeing on their investment in digital marketing. It had become clear to him that standalone tactics like SEO, Google AdWords and content marketing were no longer enough to deliver the kind of results that business required. A more strategic approach was needed, together with the ability to implement tactically. It was in that moment that the e-marketing Manager concept (and the e-marketing brand) were conceived.

In early 2016 Tony was introduced by a friend to the Mautic, open source marketing automation platform. This was a watershed moment for the business – and things have never been quite the same since. The combination of Mautic and the e-marketing Manager program has allowed the business to develop a unique position in the marketplace as a leading end-to-end digital marketing solutions provider.

How we work with clients

On 1st July, 2016 the e-marketing brand was launched in Australia. At that point VisiSearch ceased offering standalone services like SEO and pay-per-click management to retail clients. The company commenced marketing the e-marketing Manager program, which provides retail clients with the services of an entire team of marketing professionals for less than the cost of one part time employee. Retail clients are also able to purchase standalone website development, Mautic installation and implementation, as well as Marketing Audits and Plans.

The e-marketing Manager program is designed to be multi-phased. The steps are as follows:

Marketing Audit

This process is completed by clients online. The Marketing Audit consists of a 12 page questionnaire which digs deep on marketing questions. Whilst the audit touches on all aspects of the marketing process, the primary focus of the audit is on digital marketing.

Marketing Audit Report

The Marketing Audit Report is provided after we have reviewed the answers provided in the Marketing Audit. The report is centred around The Intelligent Marketing Puzzle, which is a proprietary seven-step process developed by Tony Gavin.

Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan is developed in conjunction with business owners and is also centred around The Intelligent Marketing Puzzle. The plan outlines a detailed marketing strategy, together with tactics, implementation guidelines, monitoring and reporting.

e-marketing Manager

Clients are assigned an e-marketing Manager. The role of the e-marketing Manager is to implement and manage the Marketing Plan. They achieve this by drawing on the resources of VisiSearch and assigning tasks to the professionals on their team who know how to implement.


The e-marketing Manager is also responsible for reporting to the client at regular intervals. This is via formal monthly reporting, as well as more informal contact via Skype and email. Think of an e-marketing Manager as the head of your own digital marketing department.


Review meetings are held at regular intervals. These involve the client and any staff members actively engaged in the marketing process, the e-marketing Manager and the client account manager. Reviews are used to discuss results and change trajectory with the marketing plan, as required.


All Service Agreements with Australian clients (retail and wholesale) are with VisiSearch. VisiSearch does not provide any services within Australia or its territories. The company is therefore neither required nor entitled to be registered for GST. This means that invoices issued to clients do not have any provision for GST or any other Australian taxes.


Fulfilment is based in the Philippines. Communication is via email, Skype or by telephoning our Australian numbers. Calls to us are charged at Australian rates. Several times per year representatives of the company (including Tony Gavin) visit Australia to meet with key clients and prospective new clients.

We are an open book

If there is something you would like to know about the business that is not addressed here or elsewhere on the e-marketing or VisiSearch websites, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’ll be pleased to assist you.