Mitzi Cruz

Director & Production Manager
Mitzi describes herself as a graphic designer, loner and weirdo. She’s also a damned fine project manager, and heads up creative at e-marketing. With hands-on involvement in hundreds of design and development projects, Mitzi is able to take creative knowledge and apply that in a way that meets the expectations and needs of clients. When she’s not doodling on paper or her iPad, Mitzi can be found singing karaoke, indulging in chocolate, coffee, beer, or wine and spoiling her dogs. Oh, and she likes Celine Dion. We still like her anyway.


Chevy Cruz

Operations Manager
Chevy joined e-marketing after ten years of hands-on leadership, performance management, and process improvement in business outsourcing. That's a fancy way of saying that she finds things that can be improved, convinces people to change their ways, and shows them how to do it. When she’s not nit-picking, Chevy likes to spend her spare time goofing around with family, travelling - or better yet - goofing around while travelling with family. She also dabbles in guitar playing, carpentry, and baking. No, she doesn't drive a Chevy. Yet.


Krish Anoche

Operations Supervisor
Krish was a web content writer for five years before joining e-marketing, as web content manager. Being an introverted homebody that she is, Krish expends energy on reading books, toiling on her writing craft and spending some quality time with her family. She also likes tattoos and rock music. While Krish usually leaves an impression of casual indifference, her true emotions are revealed through her literary masterpieces – many of which can be found online. Krish is fond of hamsters, but claims not to be able to eat a whole one!



Lairy Nacubuan

Lead Programmer
Lairy is a dedicated geek-chick and web development expert. Having five and a half years of experience as a senior web developer behind her before joining e-marketing, Lairy has learned how to tackle the challenges thrown at her by the ever changing world of the internet. When she's not mentoring and being a general slavedriver to our junior programmers, Lairy chills by binge watching TV series and movies - and likes to pawn noobs at online gaming. Oh, and she draws like an art major. Almost.


Weasley Cruz Gavin

Cuddle Coordinator
After being born at a puppy farm on the tough back-streets of Manila, Weasley was adopted by Tony and Mitzi. Fuelled by a diet of chicken gizzard and raw carrots, Weasley is the kind of dog that every digital marketing agency needs. Possessing demonic insight into human behaviour, this girl knows exactly when to turn the charm on in order to extract the greatest amount of affection possible. When she's not fighting her sisters Khaleesi and Rebel for lap space, Weasley can be found asleep on chairs, cushions, rugs and other prime locations.