Mautic Marketing Automation

Mautic is a feature rich, open source marketing automation platform and CRM system. In other words, the Mautic platform is available for free download and use, subject to the GNU General Public License (GPL) at

Open Source Marketing Automation

Before the release of the Mautic open source marketing automation project, marketing automation services were generally only available as Software as a Service (SaaS) from companies like HubSpot, Pardot and Infusionsoft. Most commercial marketing automation products are hosted, not easily modified to fit your exact needs, and extraordinarily expensive. Mautic overcomes all of those problems.

Create & Manage Campaigns

When you first use Mautic, creating a campaign is actually the very last thing you’ll do when setting up. It’s mentioned first because campaign creation and management is at the heart and soul of what Mautic is all about.

The Campaigns' feature provides you with unparalleled levels of control over all aspects of your online marketing campaigns. With drag and drop simplicity, you can control decisions and actions based upon user behaviour and engagement with your website and emails.

Put simply, your campaign can be modified automatically - in real time – to better address the interests of your prospects. This and the many other features of Mautic Campaigns provide extremely powerful ways for you to better target your marketing towards the interests of your prospects and customers.

Most websites have forms which are intended to capture leads. Few websites properly address the content on pages around those lead capture forms to get best results. Fewer still are able to test and measure how visitors react to the message contained on those pages.

There are a ton of pay for play landing pages services like Lead Pages and Unbounce which allow users to build terrific landing pages, split test visitor engagement, capture leads, and measure various metrics. Mautic allows you to do all of that and more, for FREE.

Using Mautic email marketing (see lower down this page), you are also able to initiate auto-responder email sequences right from the moment that a new lead is captured – making sure your message gets in front of newly captured leads right away – and is in front of them again soon in a highly organised fashion.

Capture Leads

Nurture Leads

Very few people who visit your website or receive an email from you are ready to buy right away. First, they need to be “warmed up” and slowly moved to a place where they are comfortable in doing business with you. Mautic is the ideal way to automate the warm up process.

Utilising the easy to use drag and drop Campaign Builder, you can put a truly objective process behind nurturing your leads. With decision and action-based capability driving campaign creation, you are able to gently lead your prospect along a decision-making path – which automatically shifts in real time based upon user engagement and behaviour.

Mautic will also automatically apply a score to your prospect which allows you to objectively assess how far along the sales path your prospects have walked. This lets you know when it’s the exact right moment to reach out for more personalised engagement, like a phone call or a visit.

Listening to audiences across different social media platforms can be time-consuming and tedious. There are numerous paid subscription solutions available online – none of which really seems to live up to user expectations. Enter Mautic.

Mautic has a variety of plug and play integrations available for free download including popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You’ll need a bit of tech knowledge to create and install the various keys required to make this work, but it’s cost free once you’ve done it.

Mautic allows you to build active social network marketing directly into your campaigns. You can then interact directly with your audience, build lead lists from social mentions, hashtags, keywords and more. Mautic makes social easy.

Drive Social Media

Email Marketing

Dollar for dollar, email marketing is probably more effective than any other source of marketing. The truth is that most businesses just don’t do it well and often fail to make any money at all from email marketing. That’s a shame.

Email marketing services abound on the internet. MailChimp, GetResponse and ActiveCampaign are just a few. The fact that they are pay for play and impose a wide range of restrictions on how users utilise their systems creates problems for many businesses. Mautic email marketing provides a powerful, fully integrated alternative to standalone solutions.

Most importantly, Mautic allows you to import your existing email lists without the need to comply with opt-in and double opt-in rules. In other words, you’re free to manage your email lists (including purchased lists) in any way that you choose to do so as long as it's within the law.

Trying to run an online marketing campaign without objective data to monitor results is like driving blind. There is no realistic way that you can assess the effectiveness of a given marketing tactic, determine its dollar value to your business, or run tests to see how the effectiveness of a particular campaign might be improved.

Google provides some great tools for free like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. There are also some terrific paid tools on offer. None of them provides the kind of deep information about what is happening on your website that you can get from Mautic, for free.

The data gathered from each of your campaigns can be used to refine and improve your marketing tactics. Fully customisable reports are just a mouse click away. Best of all, data pulled from Mautic is free.

Campaign Reporting


e-marketing is a Australia's largest and most experienced Mautic marketing automation developer. Our people are deeply involved in the Mautic open source development community and we provide Mautic setup, configuration, consulting and management services. If you are thinking about using Mautic to automate and improve your marketing, we are the right people to speak with.

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