Download Mautic for Free

You can download Mautic as a free zip file and install it straight onto your server. If you're not sure what to do with Mautic once you've downloaded it, take a look at our free video on how to install Mautic on your server, or if you prefer we can install and configure Mautic for you. The file is about 32MB in size, so the download may take a short while to complete if your internet speed is a little slow.

Mautic Server Requirements

To get the most out of Mautic, it is highly recommended your servers meet the following requirements.

Software Minimum More Information
PHP (Magic Quotes GPC off) 5.6.19+ (including 7.0x) https://secure.php.net/
Supported Databases:
MySQL (InnoDB support required) 5.5.3+ https://www.mysql.com/
Supported Web Servers:
Apache[1] 2.x+ http://www.apache.org
Nginx[2] 1.0+ (1.8 recommended) http://wiki.nginx.org/
Microsoft IIS[2] 7 http://www.iis.net

[1] In order to use SEO URLs, you will need to have the Apache mod_rewrite extension installed.
[2] In order to use SEO URLs, extra configuration is required.

Mautic Source Code

Mautic is open source software distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 3. The source code is freely available via GitHub.

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