Marketing Automation / Email Marketing

Dollar for dollar there is probably no greater marketing tool than email. With Mautic, you can automate highly personalised or mass emails to new prospects and existing customers alike. Unlike with paid platforms, which generally insist upon double-opt ins and various other marketing unfriendly rules for email, Mautic gives you the flexibility to use your lists in any legal manner. Watch your email open rates, track clicks, send follow-ups based on user decisions and actions, and nurture cold leads into warm with Matic's dynamic email marketing functionality.

Is Marketing Automation Right for Your Business?

Marketing automation provides businesses with an unparalleled way to take the tedium out of marketing. Marketing automation all but eliminates the need for human interaction with repetitive marketing tasks, and significantly reduces the scope for human error in managing your campaigns. Just the same, marketing automation isn't right for every business. To find out if marketing automation is right for you, why not take advantage of a free consultation with one of our people? With more than 13 years of hands-on experience as web developers and e-marketing consultants, we have the runs on the board to help take your business to a whole new level with marketing automation. Contact us, and find out if marketing automation might be the profit boosting tool that you've been looking for.

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