The e-marketing story

The roots of e-marketing go back to 2004, when Tony Gavin established Web Splash Pty Ltd as a website development agency in Brisbane, Australia. In less than four years Web Splash grew to eight full time staff, servicing over 300 clients in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Tony exited Web Slash via trade sale in 2008, retaining the intellectual property base of the business.

Later in 2008, Tony relocated to China and continued with the development of his growing portfolio of web based business directories which were targeted toward Australian professionals. In 2010 he registered VisiSearch International Limited in Hong Kong, to own and manage those directories. In the same year Tony shifted permanently to the Philippines, where the majority of the company’s staff were by then (and now are) located.

Business Directories

Already growing rapidly, VisSearch business directories went on to dominate organic search results on Google Australia for the next several years for accountants, auditors, bookkeepers and lawyers. In 2012 changes implemented by Google to their search algorithm made the directories commercially unviable. They were progressively closed down during the course of 2013 and VisiSearch exited the Australian directory space, at that time.

Today, VisiSearch owns and manages the Philippines most organically dominant legal services directory, Attorneys of the Philippines. In January 2018 the company will re-enter the Australian digital directory space with its business directory, which will boast in excess of 1.2 million Australian business listings from its launch date.

Digital Marketing Services

Since 2010 VisiSearch has offered an increasingly diverse range of digital marketing services, primarily to wholesale clients in Australia and South East Asia. The company also has direct clients in the United States and Europe. In the last quarter of 2017 VisiSearch ceased offering wholesale services and commenced marketing to retail customers in Australia, under the e-marketing brand.

e-marketing Today

e-marketing does not operate like most other digital marketing agencies. Whilst the company does offer some standalone services such as website development, branding and logo design, our core business is providing and managing end-to-end digital marketing solutions for businesses with a digital marketing budget of $40,000 per annum, or greater.

Our key strength is our staff of e-marketing Managers. e-marketing Managers afford your business a dedicated, virtual marketing manager plus their entire team of digital marketing professionals to implement and manage your marketing plan. Provided as part of our! plans, e-marketing Managers are significantly less costly than directly hiring just one part-time employee – but offer the many benefits of being able to draw upon and utilise a wide variety of skill sets – not just the more limited skill set offered by a single person.

e-marketing Managers are experience "web people" and have their own team of graphic designers, programmers, web developers, copywriters, search engine optimisation specialists, PPC (paid search) experts and social media managers, plus people from a wide variety of other digital marketing disciplines under their supervision. The job of your dedicated e-marketing Manager is to implement your digital marketing plan by drawing upon all of the available skill sets at their disposal. Your business gets a well-coordinated team effort to drive your marketing, with a single point of contact for you and regular, ROI focused reporting.

How we! with clients

Typically, we conduct a number of “get to know you” meetings. The purpose of those meetings is for us to discover how committed the key players within the business are to working towards transformation with their digital marketing – and to gauge any resistance to change. These meetings also provide prospective clients with an opportunity to ask questions of us and form a view about whether or not they believe e-marketing might be a good fit for their business. We do not work with clients that we believe will not be a good fit for us. Once we have agreed to work with a client there is a clearly defined process that we follow. Following this process is non-negotiable.

1. Marketing Audit

Our marketing audit questionnaire is completed by clients, online. It is a 12-page questionnaire that digs deep on marketing related issues. Whilst the audit touches on all aspects of the marketing process the primary focus of the audit is on digital marketing.

2. Marketing Audit Report

The Marketing Audit Report is provided after we have reviewed the answers provided in the Marketing Audit. The report is centred around The Intelligent Marketing Puzzle, which is a proprietary seven-step process developed by Tony Gavin.

3. Marketing Plan

A Marketing Plan is then developed in conjunction with business owners. The plan is also centred around The Intelligent Marketing Puzzle and outlines a detailed marketing strategy, together with clearly defined tactics, implementation guidelines, monitoring and reporting processes.

4. e-marketing Manager

Clients are assigned an e-marketing Manager. The role of the e-marketing Manager is to implement and manage your Marketing Plan. They achieve this by drawing on the resources of VisiSearch and assigning tasks to the professionals on their team who know how to implement, as required.

5. Reporting

The e-marketing Manager is responsible for reporting to the client at regular intervals. This is via 24/7 access to our Client Reports portal, formal monthly reporting, and more informal contact via Skype and email. Think of an e-marketing Manager as the head of your own digital marketing department.

6. Review

Review meetings are held at regular intervals. These involve the client and any staff members actively engaged in the marketing process, the e-marketing Manager and the client account manager. Reviews are used to discuss results and change trajectory with the marketing plan, as required.


All Service Agreements with Australian clients are with our Hong Kong registered company, VisiSearch International Limited. VisiSearch does not provide any services within Australia or its territories. The company is therefore neither required nor entitled to be registered for GST. This means that invoices issued to clients do not have any provision for GST or any other Australian taxes.


Fulfilment is based in Manila, Philippines. Communication is via email, Skype or by telephoning our Australian numbers. Direct calls to us are charged at Australian rates. Several times per year representatives of the company (including Tony Gavin) visit Australia to meet with key clients and prospective new clients. We are also able to travel upon request (fees may apply).