Ladyandaman Cruises

Ladyandaman Cruises

Ladyandaman Cruises is a well established Phuket, Thailand based charter boat operator. They offer day cruises for tourists on the Andaman Sea, as well as exclusive, short and long term charters for affluent clients from around the world.


Redevelop an existing Joomla! 1.5 website, which e-marketing had originally built for the client in 2011. Integrate an online booking platform into the website which can be used by the public to book day cruises, along with extensive back-end functionality for for local tour operators with group bookings and one-off charters. The project incorporated branding and logo design, copywriting, significant custom coding and Joomla! website development.


The new website was launched with great success in early 2016. As a result of the new website, Ladyandaman Cruises experienced an exponential increase in tour operator bookings - which was their highest priority objective. Lead capture from all target markets has also improved dramatically as a result of the redesign which created a far better user experience than previously.

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