Lillas & Loel Lawyers

Lillas & Loel Lawyers

Lillas & Loel Lawyers is a highly successful Brisbane, Queensland based law practice that primarily specialises in commercial litigation and property development law. The firm also practices in other selected legal fields.


We first acquired the domain name for Lillas & Loel, then were engaged to develop branding and a logo, positioning statement, core value proposition and a variety of web based marketing collateral for the firm. The firm had an old WordPress based website, which we replaced with a modern Joomla! site, integrating a variety of marketing tools for SEO, lead capture, etc. We later developed and managed pay per click advertising campaigns for the firm, along with managing their blog and social media presence.


Lillas & Loel were effectively invisible on the web when we took control of their web based marketing. The firm now boasts more than a dozen targeted keyword sets that consistently hold down top three rankings on Google Australia, along with top ten rankings for dozens more. Pay per click advertising for the firm targets commercial litigants via Google AdWords campaigns, incorporating remarketing through the Google Partner Network, and retargeting visitors on Facebook. The firm now enjoys a steady flow of leads from its web based marketing program.

About the Author Tony Gavin

Qualified accountant, serial entrepreneur, web developer, digital marketing guerrilla and Mautic marketing automation evangelist. Tony hates almost everyone except for pathetic nerd boys and geek gals just like him, but loves his computer, and enjoys ranting incoherently into cyberspace. He also loves German wheat beer, his three poodles Weasley, Khaleesi and Rebel, and his infinitely patient lady love, Mitzi. When he's not flitting between his home in Manila, Philippines and his family and clients in Australia and elsewhere, Tony occasionally takes the time to do some actual work, and comes up with totally intelligent marketing ideas that! You should contact Tony if your marketing sucks, or even if it doesn't. Chances are he'll want to make it better. Just because he can.