Scrapbooking Coach

Scrapbooking Coach

Scrapbooking Coach is one of the world's most heavily trafficked websites for scrapbooking enthusiasts. The website provides free and paid information, training, support and services for scrapbookers worldwide.


Develop and implement a new, animated template for a large WordPress website, which uses Optimizely and a number of custom designed plugins, without disturbing the day to day operations of the website. Retain and/or improve existing organic search rankings on Google for a variety of high value keyword sets.


We developed a new template for the website, which worked perfectly in a test environment. When the template was deployed on the live website, the entire site crashed. This was caused by a vast number of conflicts due to poor coding in the custom plugins. The site was immediately rolled back, followed by months of work to resolve coding issues, as the original developer of the plugin could not be located. The organic rankings of the site were retained, and improved immediately upon launch of the new site. 

Client Testimonial

"We hit brick wall after brick wall, but they stuck with it and saw the whole thing through, and the end result is absolutely 100% phenomenal. The pricing is excellent, their work ethic is brilliant, any questions that I had they were able to answer right away, and the turn around on getting stuff done is incredible. It's safe to say these people are the best people I've ever employed to do some work for our business online."

— Dan Lyons​

About the Author Tony Gavin

Qualified accountant, serial entrepreneur, web developer, digital marketing guerrilla and Mautic marketing automation evangelist. Tony hates almost everyone except for pathetic nerd boys and geek gals just like him, but loves his computer, and enjoys ranting incoherently into cyberspace. He also loves German wheat beer, his three poodles Weasley, Khaleesi and Rebel, and his infinitely patient lady love, Mitzi. When he's not flitting between his home in Manila, Philippines and his family and clients in Australia and elsewhere, Tony occasionally takes the time to do some actual work, and comes up with totally intelligent marketing ideas that! You should contact Tony if your marketing sucks, or even if it doesn't. Chances are he'll want to make it better. Just because he can.