Tony Gavin

Intelligent Marketing Sensei

Qualified accountant, serial entrepreneur, web developer, digital marketing guerrilla and marketing automation evangelist.

Here are the top 7 things you probably should know about me…

  1. I spent almost a decade dominating organic search in the accounting, audit, bookkeeping and legal services verticals on Google Australia with my directories and other websites.
  2. I’m a qualified accountant and have run a number of accounting, finance brokerage, financial planning and other professional services based practices, in Australia and elsewhere.
  3. I’ve been a major shareholder and Managing Director of two finance companies, an APRA regulated general insurance company and a Pooled Development Fund.
  4. Amongst other things, I’ve established and run a successful bookkeeping franchise system, several web development businesses and an SEO consultancy. I've also "walked-the walk" as a digital nomad, making a full-time living online, whilst travelling.
  5. I’m a serial entrepreneur with a demonstrable track record of success in my many business ventures. Yeah, there’ve been some failures along the way too! It happens.
  6. I’ve successfully exited five businesses via trade sale over the course of the last 20 years. Two of those businesses were turn-around’s and three were start-up situations.
  7. I just “get it” with small business in general. I most especially “get it” with businesses offering professional services as their core revenue model and they're who I prefer to work with.

Straight Talk Guarantee

I’ve never been noted much for my warm, friendly personality. I’m more noted for my ability to solve problems and get things done. The truth is that some businesses already have good web-based marketing programs in place, and terrific people taking care of things. If it’s not broken, I’m not in the business of fixing it. In other words, you’ll never have to listen to any hype from me about what I can do for your business. I’ll either be able to help, or I won’t. Either way, I’ll be straight up about it and tell you. Straight talk. That’s my guarantee.